PCB Hardware Testing – diagnostics and remedy

The last few days I have been investigating the reason(s) why my hardware does not seem to work.  There are a few software "modules" that are supposed to run "out of the box" via that particular author's HEX file build.  Thus far, I have downloaded and attempted to run; PAULMON2.1, MCS-51 BASIC (v1.1, v1.2 and … Continue reading PCB Hardware Testing – diagnostics and remedy


PCB testing – No joy so far…

Since I built up the single PCB, I have started testing the hardware.  Of course, the hardware on this project is useless unless it has software to make it do something.  I first noticed that the 8052AH, which I am using until the AT89S52's arrive, was running a bit warmer than I thought it should. … Continue reading PCB testing – No joy so far…

Arrival of PCB’s.

Arrival of PCB’s.

Today, after 13 days of shipping time, the PCB's for this project arrived.  They look good and I have no complaints about the quality of the boards.  I think YOUPCB.COM did a great job on these boards and I would use them again for small quantities.  The only issue I had was in the tracking number.  I … Continue reading Arrival of PCB’s.

A minor fix on the PCB (after FAB submission)

Well, as Murphy would have it, I spotted a potential artwork change after I had already submitted the PCB artwork to the fabricator. It happened like this; in looking to add some helpful links to this project's posts, I found that there was a (more) "bug-free" version of the MCS-BASIC.  Some folks had taken the … Continue reading A minor fix on the PCB (after FAB submission)

Design of the 8052 SBC

With the schematics finished, I set out to program the PLD for address decoding. I had ordered some ATMEL AT89S52's off eBay. The ATMEL version of the 8052 has some extra features. Among them is the ability to ISP program the parts. I found that even though the current version of AVRDUDE does not support … Continue reading Design of the 8052 SBC

An 8052 Single Board Computer

A few weeks ago, I had met a man online that had some "vintage computer parts" for sale. He claimed he had at least 100 IC's in the lot of various IC's, some of which were Z80 and support peripherals. I decided to send him the US$20 he was asking for via PAYPAL. The US$20 … Continue reading An 8052 Single Board Computer