A minor fix on the PCB (after FAB submission)

Well, as Murphy would have it, I spotted a potential artwork change after I had already submitted the PCB artwork to the fabricator.

It happened like this; in looking to add some helpful links to this project’s posts, I found that there was a (more) “bug-free” version of the MCS-BASIC.  Some folks had taken the original INTEL MCS-BASIC V1.1. fixed some bugs and added support for more 80C5x flavours.  They also added better support for using EEPROM to store user programs.  Essentially, the change is this; MCS-BASIC V1.10 used P1.4 as a “program pulse” that strobe’d the EEPROM’s WR line.  The newer V1.31 does away with using P1.4 and uses the 8052’s WR line directly.  Since I had room on the PCB for a 3-pin BERG-STIK, I thought I would slip in the ability to jumper the EEPROM’s WR line to either the 8052’S WR line or the P1.4 line.

I made the change and post-processed the files in a matter of 45 minutes and submitted the new files.  Hopefully, I submitted them in time so as to take effect.  I could make the change with some trace-cutting but I’d rather not.

For those of you interested in this project, I have ten (10) PCB’s on order but I will not use all of them.  I am considering making them available on TINDIE.


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